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Sounding Board

Minute to Pin It: Freemasonry

In order to (somehow, in their minds) justify their membership in lodges, Freemasons sometimes call upon the fact that more than a dozen U.S. presidents were Freemasons. But what does this prove? It proves that more than a dozen Freemasons were U.S. presidents! It does not prove that Freemasonry is therefore Christian. After examining the teachings of Freemasonry, one thing it demonstrates is that if any of these presidents saw Freemasonry as compatible with Christianity, they were wrong.

The Jesus and The Christ of Christian Science

About ten years ago I attended a Christian Science public lecture in a town in Massachusetts. After playing “Amazing Grace” (no lyrics, just music), the lecturer began his lecture and finished about one hour later. After calling for testimonies (I gave my testimony geared to reach out to Christian Scientists) the lecturer called for questions.

The Da Vinci Code: “FACTS”?

The Da Vinci Code (DVC), “A Novel” written by Dan Brown, is a work of fiction published in March 2003. The book has sparked a tremendous amount of interest. There was at least one prime time TV news special on the book, the book has been on The New York Times “Best Seller” list for 50-plus weeks, and as of May 2004 over 7 million copies have been sold in more than 40 languages. Sony Pictures is making a movie based on the book, directed by Ron Howard.