"...committed to confronting members of cults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


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Masonic Rites and Wrongs: An Examination of Freemasonry Considered "the finest and most thorough Christian critique of Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite Freemasonry ever published," this book is a must for Christians, Masons, churches and denominations considered whether or not the Masonic Lodge is compatible with Christianity. Books $12.00
Knowing Christ in the Challenge of Heresy: A Christology of the Cults A Christology of the Bible. Examines the Christological heresies of cults in four areas the pre-existent deity of Christ, the incarnate deity of Christ, the humanity and work of Christ. Tsoukalas then offers a biblical, exegetical response. Over 70 Bible verses are treated for the deity of Christ. Table of Contents is itemized for quick reference of biblical verses, cults, and other theological areas. Books $21.60
The Theology of Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D Pamphlets $3.00
God Calling A critique of this popular book Pamphlets $1.00
Intimacy With God A critique of Thomas Keating's book Pamphlets $1.00
The Word-Faith Movement Pamphlets $1.50
Urantia Book Pamphlets $1.00
Jehova's Witnesses booklet Pamphlets $1.50
Essentials of the Faith This booklet covers the basic essential and historic doctrines of Christianity. Helpful for sharing the faith with unbelievers. Pamphlets $2.25